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Acting Coach

Self tape Auditioning  - Voiceover - Hosting - Podcasting - Audio Drama

CreativeMuse Studio is currently offering private coaching in a variety of areas. You can train, audition and produce your own creative work all at CreativeMuse. Email to schedule a free introductory class with me and we'll create a coaching plan perfect for you!

Acting for TV & Film

Understand how to approach different styles of scripts including drama, romcom, sitcom, docudrama and comedy. Learn the secrets to a successful self tape and be ready to audition.

Acting for Commercials

Commercials can be lucrative but it takes a special style and an understanding of copy and what the client is looking for. Work  on script analysis, delivery, and timing.​

Master your Monologues 

Polish up your comedic, dramatic and classical monologue so they are ready for any theater audition​


Introducing the concepts, tools and different types of voice over. Record examples of commercials, animation, audiobooks, industrials and more in our professional recording studio.

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