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FAQ's for CreativeMuse
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Why study with you, Meredith? I was lucky enough to study my craft with some of the best in the industry and I bring about 30 years of experience as a professional performer, producer and director. I've taught in many different settings including 7 years on college and university level. I'm also still working everyday, auditioning and recording voiceover for commercials, industrials, podcasts - you name it.  Just as importantly, I love to teach and see my students succeed. I will work you hard, expanding upon your talents and challenging you to dig deeper and stretch further. This isn't an easy industry to learn, navigate and succeed in, but I'll help you find your way.

Who do you teach? Some of my students are brand new, learning skills for the first time - others are consummate professionals looking to hone their skills - still others come from a completely different walk of life, looking to explore their "Second Act" and explore a dream they have always aspired to. However, I won't waste your time or money - I've seen coaches who will work with anyone as long as they pay them. That's not me. I want to help you accentuate your potential.

I have a great idea for a podcast! Where do I start?  With me! Right now Creative Muse Studio has 3 podcasts in production and I'm currently host of a health and wellness podcast. I will not only help you record and edit your podcast here at the studio I'll guide you through every step of the process, from writing, scripting or outlining, to planning your first season, creating a marketing plan, researching the best podcast host, branding your project and exploring monetizing options. 

Do you teach kids? I love kids and I've taught many bright and brilliant children in the past. If your child is passionate about a professional career in voice over, I can coach them one on one. I try to create a warm and welcoming creative space at my studio, my own daughter has recorded here, but it is a professional environment that might not be suited for a kid with a casual interest in exploring voice over for the first time. 

I've heard all my life that I've got a great voice, I think I'd be great at voice over. How many times do we have to meet before I can start working? Well, a nice voice is a good start... but it's kind of like saying "I've always been really good at sewing, when can I start work as a surgeon?" There's a little more to it. the most successful voice over artists have acting training, and that's where we'll start. They've also learned how to use a microphone, how to evaluate and break down a script,  unlearning their regional dialects or accents, optimizing their breathing and learning to treat their voice as the unique instrument it is. Once you have those basics, you'll want to orient yourself with the industry, identify the types of auditions you would be suited for and possibly optimize your personal marketing campaign with tools like your demo, social media and a personal website. Don't let that overwhelm you though, I've got students that come to me as former actors or singers, already with a strong understanding of their instrument and connecting emotionally. Writers and animators who are already familiar with scripts and a writers intention. I've even had teachers and lawyers, who naturally come in with a lifetime of experience speaking in front of people. The bottom line is, each performers needs are unique. But I do promise you this, if I don't think you have what it takes to become a success, I will tell you.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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